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Strategy Office

The Strategy Office was created in September 2021 in accordance with the publication of the University Strategic plan, Cap 2030, in 2020. It is capitalising on the expertise developed since 2011 in the management of the Excellence Initiative “IdEx Unistra”, a high-renowned and competitive label from the French Government, as well as a key pillar of the university’s strategy. The Office is placed under the authority of the Directorate General of Services and under the political responsibility of the Vice-Presidency of Foresight and Strategic Actions.

Fields of expertise:

  • Consulting & decision support
  • Foresight & strategic intelligence
  • Implementation and impact measurement of the Excellence Initiative “IdEx Unistra”
  • Setting up & coordination of the University’s strategic programmes
  • Analysis of opportunities and positioning


The Strategy Office is aiming at supporting the university's governance, in designing, planning and implementing the university’s strategy.

The Office is composed of 3 units, working in synergy to provide guidance in the design, development and impact assessment of the university’s strategy :

  • The foresight Unit: It carries out strategic foresight and strategic intelligence activities in order to pilot and contribute to the discussions leading to the definition and deployment of the university's strategy.
  • The IdEx Unit: It is in charge of the management of the Unistra IdEx programme (€25M/year), which is one of the main pillars and funding levers of the institution's strategy. The IdEx unit ensures the coherence between the IdEx's actions and the different competitive programmes. funded by the French government such as the “Investment for Future Program” (PIA)
  • The planning Unit: It is responsible for the global coordination of major programmes, such as the Interdisciplinary Thematic Institutes, funded under the PIA scheme. Its scope of intervention ranges from the programmes design to their full implementation once funded. Through its monitoring activity, the programming unit also contributes to the identification of new funding opportunities supporting the implementation of the university’s strategy.

The Strategy Office also takes full opportunity of the leading position held by the university of Strasbourg in international networks, such as the League of European Research University, Eucor the European Campus or the UDICE Group to contribute to the shaping of Europe’s higher education and research.


Director: Audrey Kost


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