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The Reichsuniversität Straßbourg (1941-1944): Results of the research by the Historical Commission into the history of the Medical Faculty

Following the proposal of the former president of the University of Strasbourg, Alain Beretz, and the current president, Michel Deneken, the University of Strasbourg launched an international and independent Historical Commission whose objective was to shed light on the history of the Reichsuniversität Straßburg between 1941 and 1944 and during the periods immediately before and after.

The task of the Historical Commission was to conduct the most comprehensive research possible, without restrictions or partiality, on the Medical Faculty within the Reichsuniversität under the Third Reich.

This research focused specifically on:

  • The scientific and political activities of the members and representatives of the Reichsuniversität between 1941 and 1944;

  • The consequences of the activity of the Reichsuniversität after 1945 and the relationship between the Reichsuniversität and the University of Strasbourg;

  • The identification of the victims of the research, practices and persecution that took place in association with the Reichsuniversität; 

  • The identification of scientific or pedagogical material produced by the Reichsuniversität and formulation of proposals for their handling;

  • The creation of a document database on the subject.

The entire report (only in French) can be found online by clicking here.

Bon à savoir

An editorialised wiki on the history of the Reichsuniversität Straßburg’s Medical Faculty

Wiki Rus~Med

The wiki project entitled “Biographies autour de la Medizinische Fakultät der Reichsuniversität Straßburg 1941-1944" is both a database and a digital publication for collaborative, interactive and evolving information, teaching and research. The Rus~Med wiki is run by the University of Strasbourg and is an initiative of the Independent Historical Commission on the History of the RUS Medical Faculty (CHRUS). Published in open access, it is non-commercial, of public interest and designed according to scientific and historical academic standards. It is an editorialised wiki, in that only the members of the editorial committee are authorised to amend its content and all data entered are scientifically validated and reviewed by experts before being published online and made public.

The Rus~Med wiki is also a collaborative venture. Individuals who wish to submit documents from the period or proposals for contributions to the editorial committee can do so at: rus-med@unistra.fr



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