Lockdown 2: December 18 update


Despite the commitment of the entire university community to maintaining face-to-face teaching from the beginning of the academic year, all classes will henceforth take place remotely, except for some practical classes in which stricter hygiene measures will be imposed. All teachers are invited to give their lessons using the available digital resources. Digital tools, specific platforms and network capacity have been strengthened thanks to the system introduced since the first lockdown and as part of the preparations of the beginning of the academic year from September.

December 18 update

The University of Strasbourg closes its doors starting from saturday 19th of december, until the 4th of january 2021 for the Christmas holidays. The holidays will not be the same for everybody: they will sadly not put an end to the various difficulties, whether material, psychological, medical etc. particularly of some students. The CROUS and the University have therefore been working together to continue the lunchtime meal service for students, with a take-away meal for the evening. The PEGE library will also be accessible and students in difficulty will also be able to contact the health service. All the relevant information can be found on unistra.fr and Ernest.

It is still a little early to know what the teaching and working conditions will be after the holidays: it looks like we will have to continue to function at the beginning of January as we did in December, with only certain exams and TPs taking place on site. We can therefore expect to continue as we have been doing until 20 January. If this were to change, you would, of course, be informed. The universities are working with the government so that both staff and students can return to work on site as soon as possible, while, of course, respecting the health and safety instructions of which we are all aware.

Teaching and university life

Students are encouraged to regularly check their university email, Moodle and their department website for all the necessary information about their classes.

Are the university and its departments closed?

No, they remain open even though the majority of teaching activities are now taking place remotely (lectures, classes). Only certain practical classes are taking place on site. These are practical classes that require the use of specific materials and cannot be done remotely. Each department will inform the students concerned by these practical classes.
When possible, administrative tasks will be performed remotely, meaning that many services and offices will only be accessible via email or possibly by telephone.

Are the buildings open?

Most buildings will remain open, in particular for practical classes taking place on site. These are practical classes that require the use of specific materials and cannot be done remotely. Each department will inform the students concerned by these practical classes.
The libraries and computer rooms are also open (by appointment): see below.

Are the practical classes that are taking place on site obligatory?

Yes, just as they are under normal circumstances. Journeys to an educational establishment are included in the list of reasons in the attestation de déplacement (travel permit).

What if I’m far away, or if I’m sick?

University of Strasbourg students must attend university when summoned to do so. As the university is not closed, it is not necessarily advisable to be far away.
If, however you have tested positive for COVID-19 you are, like any sick student, excused from classes and exams. You are, in fact, expressly requested, even if you are asymptomatic or have just been in contact with an infected person, not to come, in order to slow down contamination.
Teachers will make alternative arrangements so that you are not penalised.

Where can I get help if needed?

Student support services (the university health services, the psychological support centre (Camus) and social workers) remain accessible for students by appointment. All of the university’s resources are available via the various websites: digital resources, espaces avenir, and pedagogical support. Students can contact the services via the email addresses found on the university website.

Can I come and work on the campus, for example, in the libraries?

The university libraries will re-open on the 9 November and be accessible by appointment. You will be able to work in their workrooms, borrow books and use the computer rooms if you do not have the necessary computer equipment or a reliable Internet connection to follow lessons.
Certain departments will also make their computer rooms available. You can get information from your department.

Can I get something to eat on campus?

Yes, the CROUS de Strasbourg is offering takeaway menus for lunch and dinner. However, it won’t be possible to eat inside university buildings (even in corridors and cafeterias). The CROUS is continuing, again in takeaway form, its “repas à 1€” (€1 per meal scheme) for students on grants.

Can I borrow a computer for the duration of lockdown?

A computer loan scheme is being developed but is not yet operational.
Alternatively, students may use the computer rooms in the libraries (by appointment).  Some departments will also make their computer rooms available. You can get information from your department.

What about exams and assessments?

They may be modified or adapted due to lockdown and the health crisis. Exams may take place on site, but not systematically. If so, health and safety rules will be strictly respected, for example by leaving an empty space next to each student.
The attestation de déplacement (travel permit) includes this possibility on the list of reasons for travelling. The departments will inform their students of the arrangements for assessments or exams that directly concern them.

Can interns continue their internships?

Yes, if the host organisation continues its activity and agrees to allow the intern to continue his or her internship.

What about students doing apprenticeships?

They are subject to the same rules as everyone else: their apprenticeship will continue if the host organisation continues its activity and agrees to continue to host them. As for their lessons, lectures and classes will take place remotely; practical classes will, if necessary, take place on site.

Can I continue to practice sport at the university?

All sporting activities are suspended during lockdown, except for those provided as part of the education of students, i.e. those included in the courses of the Faculty of Sports Science.

What services are open?

All the university services are working. For example, for students, Espace Avenir, the university health service, the psychological support centre (Camus) and the social workers are accessible by appointment.
The libraries will re-open on 9 November, also by appointment.
All services remain accessible by e-mail.

How will thesis defences take place?

They will all take place remotely.

And also…

Will research continue?

The activities of the laboratories will continue, in conjunction with the CNRS and Inserm. Laboratories are also encouraged to develop teleworking when on-site work is not indispensable.

How will the work of the university’s administrative staff be organised?

University staff are encouraged to telework whenever their activity allows for it, within the limits of service requirements. For activities that cannot be carried out remotely, permits will be provided for coming on site.

Can we continue to organise events?

Charitable, sporting, cultural and other events, as well as scientific meetings (colloquia, study days etc.) are suspended until 1 December. All of these activities can take place online whenever possible.

Communication tools for the university community

The university encourages its students and staff to connect regularly to the various communication tools: their @etu.unistra.fr email address and the Ernest portal. Information will be regularly updated by these means as well as on the unistra.fr website
-if you have a specific question about lockdown, please use the dedicated address: information-coronavirus@unistra.fr

Reminder of hygiene instructions and protective measures

we remind you that mask wearing and the hygiene instructions must continue to be respected by everyone, everywhere. Both students and staff will require an attestation dérogatoire de déplacement (special travel permit) for all journeys between home and the university. These permits will be delivered, according to the individuals concerned, by the heads of department (for students, administrative staff and teachers), by the heads of research unit (for laboratory staff and doctoral students) and by the direction générale de services (for central services staff).
The university also reminds its staff and students that if they develop symptoms of COVID or are in contact with a COVID case, they are requested to fill out an online form: online form.

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