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International cooperation at the University of Strasbourg

To promote the international influence of the University of Strasbourg, to boost mobility for all, to strengthen the coordination of international education and research, to develop international training, to go beyond bilateral cooperation in order to promote networked cooperation, to share our scientific and academic experience and expertise by promoting cooperation abroad: these are the objectives that embody our vision of the internationalisation of the University of Strasbourg

International at the University of Strasbourg :

  • 20,6% international students;
  • 156 nationalities;
  • 24 languages taught in language courses, subject courses and linguistic research;
  • 750 partnerships in 75 countries;
  • The 'Bienvenue en France' label by Campus France in July 2019 with 3 stars confirming the quality of its international welcome services.


Réseaux et partenaires de l'Université de Strasbourg

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