Coronavirus situation report


Situation report on march 16th - 22:45

Dear students and colleagues,

The President of the Republic has just announced a tightening of the prevention measures against the Covid-19 virus and declared that France is waging “a medical war”. The situation is serious and we must do everything we can to slow down the spread of the virus in order to protect lives and enable the health system and medical staff to take care of those most in need. With this goal in mind, I wanted to make quick and effective decisions.

The University of Strasbourg will be completely closed to the public from Tuesday 17 March at 12 noon, initially for a period of 15 days. Only the staff needed for the vital services of our institution will be authorised by me to come, and thus to be exempt from the obligation of the population to remain at home. They will be notified personally. The authorisation will be individual and personal, and strictly limited to the aforementioned missions.

Further instructions will be issued tomorrow, Tuesday 17 March, concerning research and teaching activities as well as all the support and assistance services, that will now be carried out by teleworking, as far as they are technically possible, via the use of exclusively digital means.

We are all in this together. The situation is unprecedented and requires from all of us an unfailing sense of responsibility. This is the only way to ensure that “the virus will not get past us”. I therefore urge you to respect the measures announced by the President of the Republic in order to protect the most vulnerable and to enable medical staff to do the impossible in the best conditions. They need us to support them and to respect the instructions. I also hope that in these difficult times we will not forget those who are isolated.

Thank you all for your sense of responsibility.

Michel Deneken
President of the University of Strasbourg

Situation report on march 15th - 20:18

On the evening of Saturday 14 March, the Prime Minister announced the transition to stage 3 of the fight against the epidemic. A new plan is now in place to minimise movement and gatherings and this plan is being implemented in the university.

From Monday 16 March, all university activities will be reduced to the strict minimum, except for those that are essential to the life of the university. Certain measures were already announced on Friday and are being updated in the light of the transition to stage 3. This means that:


There will be no more face-to-face classes: digital alternatives are being discussed in the academic departments and will be announced by faculties and teachers via Moodle, the departmental Internet sites or email.


In the coming days the teaching teams will be working on alternative solutions to enable students to validate their semesters.


Internships (at all levels) are suspended in France and abroad if they have not begun, even if the internship agreement has already been signed. The internships that have already begun are suspended if they are taking place in France. If they are abroad, their continuation will depend on the decisions of the host country and the employer. Internships that are currently taking place in the research units within the perimeter of the University of Strasbourg, including M2, are therefore suspended. There also, alternatives involving teleworking or the validation of the internship based on other pedagogical criteria will be examined in consultation with the head of studies.

Research activities

No more research activities in university premises (all are closed, including the laboratories) except for essential activities that are part of the plans de continuité d’activité (PCA – “Activity Continuation Plans”) established by each research unit, activities devoted to research into the epidemic and exceptional activities whose interruption would lead to the loss of scientific studies that are essential, sensitive or particularly complex or difficult to reorganise. A massive effort must be made to organise teleworking.


No more missions will take place in France or abroad, unless an exception is authorised specifically by the president.

As all scientists are telling us: follow the prevention guidelines in your everyday life and remain vigilant to the general instructions in the country.

Situation report on March 13th - 20:40

The President of the Republic announced yesterday evening, Thursday 12 March, the closure of universities. The aim of this measure is to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The Ministry has ordered the closure of the university to its users and the continuation of research and administrative activities. Today was dedicated to clarify the instructions and to take decisions rapidly for our university. 

The aim of all of the measures is to address the current crisis while continuing the activities that can be pursued and respecting all appropriate protective measures. We need to protect ourselves individually and collectively and limit the scale of the epidemic by following simple guidelines: avoiding gatherings and implementing preventive measures. We will therefore be adapting our teaching activities from Monday 16th of mars, and continuing our research and administrative activities, while encouraging teleworking as much as possible to follow the general movement, in accordance with instructions from the Ministry and Prefecture.


Classes and assessments will no longer take place face-to-face and will now be conducted via digital resources. Our intention is to enable every student to pass his or her year. Each teacher is encouraged to give classes using these digital resources and to consider alternative exams if a student is unable to validate an internship. Digital platforms are currently being prepared. Each university department will maintain an email and telephone link with its students.


The activities of the laboratories will continue, in close collaboration with the CNRS and INSERM for our site, as research is part of the response to a pandemic. The laboratories are also encouraged to develop teleworking where physical presence is not essential.


The university’s central administration is going to work to implement its continuity plan, and support staff teleworking, except for activities that require their presence, and maintain vital services for distance learning and research. Each departmental administration will do the same.


The university’s libraries will be closed but we are looking into the possibility of continuing the lending of documents from specific locations.


All travel and missions in France and abroad is suspended, except in cases of necessity and by special authorisation, to be requested from the president. This is also to prevent the spread of the virus.


Regarding internships, students who have begun their internships may continue if the host company or institution allows them to. No more internships will be authorised unless the internship does not involve relocation in France or abroad. Arrangements will be made by the teaching staff so that the absence or interruption of an internship does not prevent a student from validating his or her semester in DUT, licence pro (professional degree) or engineering diploma.

Thesis defences

As regards thesis defences or authorisations to conduct research, these will take place in camera in order not to penalise doctoral students or teacher-researcher candidates.


All sporting and cultural events have been suspended until further notice.

We will continue to inform you via mail, our Internet sites and Ernest whenever necessary and the list remains at your disposal for any further information.


A single email address for all requests for information:

Every student and staff member can ask questions or request more specific information. We promise to answer as soon as possible.

Instructions to be observed by everyone

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Use disposable tissues when blowing your nose
  • Do not shake hands
  • Call the emergency number 15 if symptoms appear
  • Stay at home if you are ill
  • Do not wear a facemask if you are not ill

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