Coronavirus situation report


Situation report on October 30

After the President of the Republic’s announcement of a second lockdown in response to the public health crisis, the University of Strasbourg has taken new decisions that take into account the application procedures defined by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. Teaching, research, student life, events, buildings: the latest on arrangements for the continuation of activities.

Situation report on September 1st

The beginning of this academic year will be an unusual one because of the persistence of the coronavirus. In order to face this situation, we need to reinforce safety measures so that we protect everyone.

Hygiene measures

It is compulsory to wear a face mask in all university buildings: during classes, in the library, in corridors etc.
We need to keep, as far as possible, at least one metre apart from each other: outside buildings, in corridors, while waiting in line etc.


As far as possible, teaching will be face-to-face. Should it be necessary to teach all or some of a course remotely, teachers, thanks to their experience from last year, will do everything in their power to ensure teaching of the highest standard.

Campus life

Libraries are opened normally, but the number of useable seats are limited.

The university restaurants are also opened normally.

The university is willing to maintain, as much as possible, all the events that enrich the experience of the students on the campuses (sporting and cultural activities, lectures and, of course, social events), while taking into account the necessary hygiene measures.

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