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How to prepare your arrival

The Maison Universitaire Internationale offers reception services for international students in order to encourage and facilitate their arrival at the University of Strasbourg.

Finding accommodation

As an international student you can apply for student accommodation once your application has been accepted by the University of Strasbourg. The rooms, studios and two-room apartments, proposed by the CROUS, are intended for students with a limited budget, so that they can benefit from a minimum level of comfort. The number of places is limited. 

Linguistic support

  • To make tandems with French students, sign up at lansadmin (with your ENT credentials), choose the "Tandem" tab on the left and follow the instructions.
  • Linguistic support program in the Multimedia Language Resource Centre (Centre de Ressources de Langues multimedia, CRL). Students concerned: all students enrolled in a bachelor's or master's program, as well as those hosted under an exchange agreement. Reception every Friday at the CRL of the Pôle Européen de Gestion et d'Economie, 2nd floor, 61 avenue de la Forêt Noire, Strasbourg. Contact: mireille.marchal@unistra.fr 
  • The International Institute of French Studies (Institut International d'Etudes Françaises, IIEF) also offers all kinds of paid training courses: linguistic, cultural, professional, etc... Discover them, there is surely one for you! The access to these courses is not automatically offered: it requires full registration at the IIEF.

International Institute of French Studies (IIEF)
The Pangloss
22, rue Descartes (access rue de Rome)
BP 80010
67084 STRASBOURG cedex
Tel : 03 68 85 60 50
Website: http://iief.unistra.fr 

International sponsoring program

The international sponsorship platform for international students at the University of Strasbourg is supported by the "Welcome to France" label and aims to facilitate the integration of international students into the university community to enable students at the University of Strasbourg to commit themselves internationally. To register, just fill in the short survey in this link.

Cultural activities

Information meetings and cultural visits are offered to you by the International University House on your arrival and throughout the year: don't miss them! Find the program of these events on the MUI events page.

Exchange students : Reception and integration device

In order to facilitate the arrival of exchange students, the University of Strasbourg offers a "Reception and Integration Scheme for Foreign Students" during the two weeks preceding the start of the academic year at the end of August.
During these two weeks, 70 exchange students will be able to benefit from the following proposals:

  • French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses;
  • Conversation workshops, IIEF lectures;
  • Guided tours and socio-cultural activities;
  • Accommodation in a university residence (access possible from mid-August).

This program costs 200 euros/student including classes, accommodation and visits. To apply, simply return the application form "Reception and Integration Scheme" which will be presented to you when you apply online at the University of Strasbourg.

Contact: dri-evenements@unistra.fr


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