Steps to follow

You wish to study at the University of Strasbourg? In order to prepare your admission, the Service de la vie universitaire provides all the necessary information. In order to resolve all the material details, the CROUS provides a special service for foreign students on scholarships from the French government or from certain countries that have signed agreements with France. It also organizes excursions and discovery outings throughout the region.

1- Find out about training courses

Consult our training offer to find the diploma that suits you or download the brochures of the training offer.

2- Check the admission and registration conditions

Depending on your level of education, nationality and place of residence, the procedures are not the same. Consult the pages dedicated to the admission and the registration conditions for international candidates.

3- Consult the university calendar

The university calendar shows you all key dates of the year. You will be able to know when to arrive and leave Strasbourg.

4- Find out how to find accommodation

There are many possibilities to find an accommodation in Strasbourg: consult the page dedicated to housing.

Contacts et coordonnées

Service de la Vie Universitaire
The Service de la Vie Universitaire of the University offers foreign students a specific welcome at the “Mission Accueil”. At the beginning of the academic year, all the useful services are gathered in one place: Prefecture, City of Strasbourg, SNCF, CTS, CAF, CPAM, mutual insurance companies...
Le Platane building
Allée René Capitant
Esplanade Campus
Tel: 03 68 85 60 10
CROUS - International Relations Department
1 boulevard de la Victoire
Tel: 03 88 21 13 30

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Ligue européenne des universités de recherche (LERU)
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