Séminaire - « Sustainable and inclusive urban mobility in Europe »

 11/01/21 12/01/21
 14:00 12:30
 Webinar (online)
 Philippe Hamman

Un séminaire de la chaire Jean Monnet intitulé « Sustainable and inclusive urban mobility in Europe » aura lieu les lundi 11 et mardi 12 janvier en ligne.

Governance of Integrated Urban Sustainability in Europe (GoInUSE): Scales, Actors and Citizenship This doctoral seminar proposes to discuss and disseminate the results of recent research and ongoing experiments on the multi-level and integrative governance of urban sustainability in Europe: its actors, processes and challenges, major experiments and themes in and around urban spaces. To this end, it brings together specialists in social sciences. The objective is twofold:

1/ To address integrated sustainable development in European cities – ‘green city’ but also ‘just city’ – through the analysis of different groups of actors (including the role of inhabitants and citizens) and of multi-scale social and political configurations (global-local-individual), such as mobility, energy and ‘popular ecology’ practices.

2/ To think together, on the basis of empirically founded work, topics usually associated with European studies (European charters, agenda and objectives, etc.) and issues that cut across the social sciences and urban studies, both analytically and notionally (including in critical and reflexive terms: governance or governmentality of change?, etc.).

Due to the pandemic context, the seminar sessions take the form of a webinar.

Connecting link : https://uni-freiburg.zoom.us/j/89631457750

Meeting-ID: 896 3145 7750

Password: Y8bynMYC3

For more information, please contact Philippe Hamman: phamman@unistra.fr

Programme of the webinar:

11 janvier – 14:00-17:00 Welcome and presentation of the seminar

14:10: Keynote: Prof. Mathis Stock 35 min. presentation and 35 min. discussion approximately 15:20: Break15:40: Doctoral presentations by Christian Hanser and Jianyu Chen

15 min. + 15 min.16:10: Discussion in parallel sessions (two groups)

12 janvier – 9:30-12:30 Welcome

9:40: Doctoral presentations by Romane Joly and Florian Eggli 15 min. + 15 min.

10:10: Discussion in parallel sessions (two groups)

11:00: Break

11:20: Wrap-up and discussion

12:00: Conclusion and perspectives of the seminar: Tim Freytag and

Philippe Hamman Oral presentations will take place in English, discussions may be held in French, German and/or English to facilitate exchanges, including with Master’s students who are highly welcome. 

For more details see: https://sage.unistra.fr/fr/membres/enseignants-chercheurs/chaire-goinuse/

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