Situation report on 8 February 2021: 20% return of students


From 8 February, each faculty, school and training institute of the University of Strasbourg may allow up to 20% of its registered students at a time to return to the university campuses.

On this page you can find all the details concerning the implementation of this scheme.


Students are advised to check their university email address regularly (address, their Moodle account, the Ernest platform and the website of their faculty, school or training institute to obtain all the necessary information about the organisation of their classes.

All students and all faculties, schools and training institutes of the University of Strasbourg are concerned by this measure. The 20 % figure therefore includes all students from the first year to doctorate level.

They are considered to be interns, and are therefore not included in the 20% calculation.

These schemes are included in the 20% rule. In other words, from now there can be practical classes (TPs), classroom lessons (TDs), tutorials and students in small groups but these all fall under the 20% rule.

No, with the possible exception of some non-shared classes that strictly concern only one group of students.

The rule remains: a maximum of one out of two seats may be occupied in the rooms.

Yes, absolutely, and this is already the case now. In this case, an authorisation form must be completed by the students and his or her teaching structure, to be presented as a justification in the event of a check.

The libraries and computer rooms are not open during the hours of curfew.

Yes, just as they are in normal circumstances.

Internships, apprenticeships and presence in companies

Yes, if the host organisation continues its activity and agrees to let them continue their internship.

They are considered to be interns, and are therefore not included in the 20% calculation.

They are subject to the same rules as others: their apprenticeship continues if the host organisation continues its activity and agrees to continue hosting them. As far as their classes are concerned, lectures and tutorials will take place remotely; practical classes will take place on site if necessary.


No, students called for an exam or competitive exam (concours) don’t fall under the 20% quota rule. The maximum occupancy of a room remains one seat out of two while respecting the health and safety guidelines. The same applies to queues to enter examination rooms.

A student who is not present can be declared absent (according to the traditional system of justified and unjustified absences).

Under no circumstances may students who are infected by the COVID-19 virus, or are simply contact cases, attend mid-term or final exams. These students will be able to take a replacement exam (which could be in a different format from the initial exam).

Campus life

Yes, the Crous de Strasbourg offers a take-away meal service. Due to the curfew, each student can buy two meals at once, one for lunch and one for dinner. Since 25 January, all students, whether they receive a grant or not and whether they are French or from abroad, will be charged €1 for each meal.

Please note: it is not possible to have lunch on university premises (even in the corridors or cafeterias).

Yes, but only by appointment. To consult, borrow or return documents, use the photocopiers and the printers, or work in the university libraries, you must make an appointment. As for online documentary resources and services, they remain accessible 24/7.

The Service de Santé Universitaire (University Health Service - SSU), the Centre d’Accueil Médico-Psychologique de Strasbourg (CAMUS) and the social workers are available for students by appointment.

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