Colloque - "Alsatian Workshop on X-ray Polarimetry"

Sciences et recherche

Du 13/11/17 au 15/11/17
De 08:00 à 12:15

Lieu :
Collège doctoral européen - 46 boulevard de la Victoire - Campus Esplanade - Strasbourg

Organisateur :
Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg

Un colloque intitulé "Alsatian Workshop on X-ray Polarimetry" est organisé du lundi 13 au mercredi 15 octobre 2017, au Collège doctoral européen.

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the progress made in X-ray polarimetry, to identify what is missing and to decide what must be undertaken before the launch of IXPE, the first spatial mission carrying an X-ray polarimeter since the 70's. We invite young researchers (PhD students and post-docs) and expert speakers to this workshop aiming to exchange results and methods while facilitating new collaborations that will be perfectly mature on the arrival of the first X-ray polarimetry data.

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