Conférence - "The role of producers"

Culture, sciences et société

Le 15/05/17
De 17:30 à 18:30

Lieu :
Maison universitaire France-Japon - 42a avenue de la Forêt-Noire - Strasbourg

Organisateur :
Maison universitaire France-Japon - Japan society for the promotion of science (JSPS)

Yuko Oki (Toyo University, professeur invité à l’Université de Strasbourg), anime une conférence intitulée "The role of producers", lundi 15 mai 2017, à 17 h 30, à la Maison universitaire France-Japon.

Accumulations of businesses and related organizations in geographically close areas are called industrial clusters. There have been noted as being effective links to product improvement. The factors that comprise a cluster and the state of inter-organizational networks will differ depending on the nature of the product, but incremental innovation that produces refined high-end products appears to be essential for the continued growth of a cluster. Product improvement mechanisms in industry clusters by featuring the role of producers will be discussed.

Conférence tout public, en anglais. Entrée libre, dans la limite des places disponibles