Conférence - Ecrire l'Europe - Poetry, a Soul's Geography

 18:00 19:30
 Bibliothèque national et universitaire de Strasbourg
6 Place de la République
67000 Strasbourg

Dans le cadre du projet « Écrire l'Europe » qui débute dès le mois de février 2017 à Strasbourg, ville européenne, la Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire de Strasbourg s'associe à l'Université de Strasbourg afin de proposer une série de quatre conférences qui permettront de mettre en lumière l'Europe et ce qui découle de cette "culture européenne".

Au programme du mardi 22 mars 2017 : Poetry, a Soul's Geography  - An invitation to you all to turn your attention but mostly your soul to ...poetry.

To live in the presence and spirit of the best poets of the xxth century, mostly Europeans.To create together a mycro anthology of feelings, places, emotions, to perform an exodus out of the cramped "I". And we will understand that the poet is an emotional refugee who makes a home of himself and of his poems. I know from my own writing experience, from my teaching creative writing but mostly from my poetry readings both in Europe and the USA that a good audience is made up mostly of readers of poetry whom I came to name the silent poets. So, I invite you to join me in my poetry voyage and discover or rediscover the beauty of your own soul. And it is worth remembering that a hurricane or tornado can destroy houses, cars, trees but it cannot open a letter !

Entrée libre dans la limites des places disponibles.


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